Finding Your Passion

You may have seen this title probably on every single lifestyle/inspiration blog on the planet. Now I have looked at my fair share of these as well and while they can be helpful, if you are not in the right mindset, they are meaningless to you…

What I mean is if you are feeling a bit depressed, like myself, and you go on to read 10 different “passion” articles, you’re still going to feel just as lost. All of those posts may tell you to take action somehow or to dig into your past to find out what you love. Well I’m here to tell you that PATIENCE IS THE ANSWER.

Yeah, I hate being patient just as much as the next person…but I think it’s what got me to an excited perspective on job hunting and life. I was trying SO hard to force passion into my life that I became blind to all the specific things I love in life. With a little time and space (from my own mind), I realized a few handful of things that I’ve always found interesting and would love to explore more in depth.

One of these is painting! So with my 100-day-project, I’m going to work on enhancing my painting skills (thanks to youtube and possibly a few classes here and there). This isn’t going to be super easy but I have faith that it’s possible!

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