Money Is Not The Answer

I read this post a few months ago that discussed the disadvantages to working 9-5 in an office everyday. It hit me so hard that I realized I had been holding my breath, as if that would make it untrue. How could an article be so inspirational and yet so disheartening simultaneously?

Immediately I realized all the little things I’ve done or bought over the past year as a result of what I considered “hard work.” Whether it was a large project¬†or a long day at work, I tended to reward myself with food or other things in order to relax or feel better. But how does eating and buying worthless items really help?

Society has gotten used to placing so much emphasis on things that we let them control our lives. Some people buy things, some envy others for what they have, and some try to steal those things away from others. Jerry Seinfeld talked about how we should be getting rid of all the things we have in a very comedic fashion. It’s an endless cycle and does not add any value to your life whatsoever.

I’m convinced that money¬†is so unimportant and it is SO easy to get caught up in it because that’s what we have learned to do. It’s a horrible habit that we need to break. I see coworkers constantly coming in with expensive Starbucks drinks and going out to buy lunch everyday. Then there’s me. I go out and buy worthless things to decorate my desk with, thinking it would make me feel better and brighten things up. While it does look nice, this doesn’t add any value to my life.

Life has gotten all mixed up in money and I think it’s time to change things…