A couple years ago when I started this blog, I thought I’d be writing so much more. I mean…I love to journal, so why would this be any different?

Oh wait. You mean this gets posted on the internet for someone else to stumble across?

Then I got f r o z e n

How could I write on a blog when all I wrote about in my journal was my daily life? I didn’t want that immortalized on the inter web.

But a close friend reminded me of my blog and I’ve been having some crazy thoughts lately that I could potentially share on here.

I’m still chasing this life after all…

Right now, I’m trying to take some control back over my life. Stop letting things like…

  • procrastination
  • fear
  • insecurity

…take the wheel.

I’ve become somewhat of an expert at that (not to brag or anything…)

It’s quite empowering to realize this is MY life and I get to live it the way that I desire.

So I’ll leave you for now with a thought:

if you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it.

It sounds harsh, but if you mull it over, you’ll see that it’s simply the truth.

xx K

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