Orange is The New…Orange?

selective focus photo of orange cosmos flower in bloom


Do you believe something or someone can be replaced?

If a vase gets broken. Can it be replaced? What if there’s another vase that’s the exact same? Is it really the same vase? Or is it simply another version of something that is actually unique in its own way?

Call me crazy but I don’t there’s a replacement for anything in this world. All things living and non-living are unique in their own way. That’s what makes them so precious and impermanent.

The fact that something can be broken or someone can no longer exist. That’s what helps us savor the moments we do have with those people or precious creations.

Take nothing for granted. From your time here to the breaths you take in this moment.

Life is full of beauty and power if you open your eyes to what’s in front of you. So much is impermanent because life is about change.

Nature is a wonderful example of this. Everything ebbs and flows in perfect harmony. We perceive it as destructive but there’s a reason behind some things dying and others coming to life.

Whoever said nothing lasts forever was right.

I’m not saying this from a high pedestal. Rather this comes from my soul. The part of me that knows and understands the fragility of life. The part of me that is overshadowed by my ego and mind most of the time. She comes forth here and there to remind me of what’s real and truthful.

I wanted to share this because it’s something I’m working on right now. Savoring all moments of my life. Taking a step back to absorb everything in.

Big picture has always been a struggle for me. To grasp where I am literally in this moment is quite difficult for my mind.

But that’s where I get lost once again. It’s not about my mind. My heart and soul don’t have difficulty absorbing my reality. They are fluent in that language.

Back to the point. Don’t lose sight of what’s important to you.

Life is fleeting yet full of so much magical promise. Hold onto that love and strength. And contemplate how you feel about replacements.

Can anything or anyone be replaced? What does the word unique mean to you? Does anything come to mind when you think of that word? Have you smiled today?

Either way, orange isn’t the new orange.

Or is it?


Photo by sifat E Mohammad on

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