i love.

i love to write. journal. read.

but i’m scared. and doubtful.

i don’t like capital letters. and i love lots of punctuation.

my mind gets in the way of my flow when i feel writing counts.

in my journal, there are no “rules” so anything goes. there’s no stopping the flow there.

but here…i have to say something that matters. something that doesn’t waste your time.

who says i have to? me?

yep. me.

keeping it real is something i love about some humans on the internet.

their posts and blogs and videos light me up.

why censor myself?

creativity is my jam. so is writing.

i even started what i thought would be a book. ha! someday i’ll come back to that.

that voice in my head tells me no one cares about what i have to say. that kinda makes me laugh. just kidding, i’m smiling and laughing out loud at how ridiculous it sounds.

so on this spiritual path of mine, i’m going to stop giving a fuck. i’m gonna start posting all the shit that flows from my head on here.

i started this blog for a reason and haven’t been able to part with it for years. i felt there was always something here. a way to channel creativity.

no one knows this blog exists (of all the humans i personally know in this world).

for now, i’m gonna keep it that way. one day i’ll share it with them. but this is as vulnerable as i can get for one day.

so i love you all to whoever is reading this. everyone needs more love in their life. so stay beautiful and true to yourself.



p.s. my favorite song right now: Vibes by Griffin Stoller

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