living in a box

i’m learning that most people naturally live their life inside a box.

this box has been built when they were a young age. when they were little they could move around more freely inside it. but as they get older there is less and less room.

as an adult they are crammed inside this box but they don’t know anything different. that is their reality. they built that box based on what everyone told them and modeled for them at their young age.

so it’s their current reality. it’s all they know.

however, the box can be modified and it does happen. when we see someone or something that shifts our thoughts into a new perspective, helping us realize there’s more potential out there than we think. but if there are no changes made in their life, the box will stay the same.

it also serves as our comfort zone. it’s the foundation for how we see the world, how we interact with others, and how we choose to live our life.

i hate to think that people live their whole life inside that box. limiting themselves to what they can accomplish and what they can achieve. telling themselves that this is how life is and there’s no way around it.

i’ve been inside that box. i built a box of my own when i was younger. and i lived inside it for years. until i could see out some of the cracks and began to notice (slowly over the past 5 years) that there was more to life than what i could see inside my box.

so over the years, i’ve been learning how to build something else. my life. i’ve slowly been taking down the walls of the box i called home for so long. lovingly removing the limitations i held onto so dearly because they provided me with comfort and stability. yet we all know that those limitations will never bring us true happiness and peace.

life is so beautiful. and you are too. don’t forget that.

my wish for everyone is to find out what life is like outside their box. figure out how their mind is limiting their reality. and know that they can have and achieve so much more in life.

you deserve it. you are worth it.

much love


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