I am choosing myself

this is huge.

i am choosing myself.

this doesn’t happen too often in my life. don’t get me wrong, i can be selfish just like any other person (and i am).

but i am a people pleaser. especially to those who i care about. i don’t like to disappoint and i’m learning to get over that feeling – you can’t please everyone.

this is different.


because it involves a guy. and i definitely don’t know how to choose myself in that scenario. i’m trying to learn.

i really love the word surrender. but i’m also likingĀ instead lately.

he doesn’t choose me first (ever) from my perspective. so i’m practicing choosing myself first instead.

let me tell ya, it’s scary.

not to be dramatic…but i am terrified.

not to worry. that’s just all my past programming and ego coming to the rescue (but not really). so i’m just leaning into it and showing myself all the love and compassion.

so…instead of giving away my energy and love to someone else, i’m going to give it to myself. see what happens

maybe try choosing yourself in one scenario this week. see what happens

much love


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