the way the world syncs up sometimes is way cool.

no one understands why things happen the way they do until after the fact. (sometimes not even then).

right now, i’m getting a lot of messages to be more vulnerable and brave. by “coincidence” i watched part of Brene Brown’s Netflix special.

then a few different times today slack-lining came to my attention. that’s something i find fascinating but tell myself i can never do or try. (gotta love the ego, right?)

that’s just scratching the surface.

today was just a day reminding me to be more vulnerable and open.

now i could share a mantra i’ve been repeating to myself recently. but that scares the shit out of me to share something so personal…my ego is flipping out on me just considering doing it.

it feels as though it’s a matter of life and death. so i’m gonna choose life.

here’s my mantra:

i am open.
i am light.
i am love.

was that so hard? YES. but i’m doing it anyway.

this mantra during meditation the other day made me cry. and it’s brought me such comfort this past week.

GUYS. meditation sounds like a hoax or a waste of time, but when it presents itself to you at the right time, dive right in. you won’t regret it.

circling back to the first thought of this post, i don’t know why this lesson is coming into my life. but i’m sure if i’m open and aware, it will become clear to me later on 🙂

well, i love you. that’s all i feel to say for now. until next time?


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