don’t hate, meditate

i cried while meditating again this morning.

not a full on sob-fest that i’d be embarrassed for anyone to see.

just one tear from each eye making its way down my cheeks. taking thoughts and emotions along with it.

i’ve been meditating recently. Deepak Chopra and Oprah have a 21-day meditation thing going on for free (after 6 days, i purchased the whole thing ha!).

it’s honestly been such a good practice for me. i purchased it because i wanted to support something so awesome AND i wanted to access these meditations whenever i wanted.

they are so powerful and focus on how loving we already are within ourselves.

focusing on loving yourself and knowing who you are comes first before we can learn to love others unconditionally.

that’s what i’m hoping to achieve through this program.

but this is the second time i’ve cried while using their meditation.

i was feeling restless. i couldn’t focus (even with the mantra of the day). until something within me said to grab my rose quartz heart.

with that between my hands, it absorbed all my nervous, restless energy and i was able to be still. so still that those tears fell from my closed eyes.

it’s such a beautiful moment i was able to share with myself. i do feel a bit vulnerable sharing it on the internet. but i’m working on shifting my normal behaviors and living outside the box i created for myself.

plus, Janne Robinson has been a huge inspiration to me recently. (she’s such a bad-ass, definitely consider checking her out on Instagram).

well, thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. if you have ever pondered meditation, maybe this is a sign to give it a try! youtube is the best free reference to get started.

much love


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