why am i chasing life?

it took me a long time to figure out why i chose this name for this website.

i’m still not entirely sure this is accurate

however, i was journaling and i wrote down about chasing the things i love in life.

this contradicts a book i’m currently reading by Pema Chodron.

she references the fluidity and impermanence of this world. so chasing after the things that make us feel good and trying to avoid the things that don’t isn’t the way to live life.

that causes us to live in a place of resistance. labeling. seeing things as good or bad.

life isn’t black or white.

so this site serves as a reminder to me that i’m not chasing things in life. i’m not chasing this life. i’m surrendering and allowing life to flow through me.

i am a creative being – i love individuality and those fellow creatives out there who are in touch with their soul.

writing has always been an outlet for me. even at a young age. but i’ve never really “perfected it” or practiced. i was innately decent at grammar in school…not that it means much

but i don’t really know what life is all about.

my goal over the last 5 years or so has been to become aligned and awake. to question things. to love myself fiercely so that i may create passionately and love the world.

so no, i’m not chasing after anything or anyone. i am still. i am open to all possibilities (at least that’s what i’m working on).

honestly, i don’t know if this made any sense whatsoever. i’m still gonna post it without much thought. these are just some ramblings after an emotional afternoon.

chasing after things that make you feel good doesn’t open you up to all the possibilities in the world. love every minute. soak it all up. because life is short, as they say.

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